Dear InvestR User,

When I created Investr few years back, I was aware that this day will come but I was not sure when!

Alas, that day is here!

Things have changed at my end and I will not be able to support and run InvestR anymore. I would like to thank all of my 1400 users for their love and support and in many instances -- money!

Happy investing and if you want to keep in touch then you can always find me at



Few weeks back when I announced that InvestR shutting down, few members asked if they could help in keeping the site running. Few others asked if I could share the source code.

As a result of feedback from that post, I decided to open source the code. And to make the job of people wanting to run the site even simpler I decided to "Dockerize" it!

You can find it here:

Hope you are able to spin up the site and make it even better!

One InvestR user is already in process of resurrecting the site. You can find it here: