Dear InvestR User,

Hope you had a great calendar year 2017! :-)

It is that time of the year when I will need your help and support! Keeping InvestR up and running and more importantly accurate, requires time, effort and money.

For example, it takes around 30 man days to update the quarterly/yearly results and other data for the 685 odd companies. Yes! That is one full month just to keep the data up-to-date. I also spend a lot of time developing new features and fixing bugs in the InvestR code base.

Then there is the explicit cost of hosting InvestR on AWS! I have also wanted to donate to the various projects like JQuery, Datatables, Font Awesome, GitLab etc that are used by InvestR.

Over the last 2 years InvestR has grown to around 1000 registered users. 13% of these users fall in frequent users category. You can see your usage in the "Accounts" section of the Settings page.

So, if InvestR has helped you make a buy, sell or hold decision then I would request you do make a donation to help me pay Amazon, software devs and the local brewery.

"How much should I donate?"

Any amount is good. To give you some idea, Last year 8 people donated approximately 7000 Rs; with a college student donating 50 Rs and a professional donating 1500 Rs. I am so very thankfully to them!

I hope you will open your heart and vote with your wallet to tell me that the effort that I have put has made some contribution to your investment decisions.

"What more will I get after donating?"

You will definitely get the warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting me and InvestR. And, your account status will change to "DONOR"!

So having said that, here is how you can donate:
When you donate please don't forget to mention your email id so that I can update the account status accordingly.

So, that is it! Thank you again for loving and supporting me and InvestR. Have a great 2018!


PS: This notice will be up till 31st March 2018.